Rolfe Schmidt

Math Education

For the last five years, a major effort of mine has been my involvement with Epsilon and Delta Camps, where I was academic director and now Campersand  which I founded two years ago.  The camps have been an important part of our family's life.  If you have or know a mathy elementary-school aged child, please have a look.

Beyond the camps, I have been thinking about mathematics and mathematics education for a long time.  The blogs linked below are in need of repair, but I hope to consolidate and modernize the presentation and make them available in the future.

  • Elementary Math Blog. Not many posts, but mostly decent quality.
  • An old general blog. Where you'll find much more, especially the twaddle.
  • SHG Math Club. I am organizing a Math Olympiad team for the Seattle Homeschool Group and post exercises and announcements here.

Sometimes I write software to help my kids explore certain concepts. Here are a few that may be of more general interest


I meddle in things academic from time to time. To see some artifacts of that interest, have a look at these links


I have worked for more than 20 years as a software developer on a variety of projects ranging from mining proteomic data to scheduling countertop fabrication. I love projects that have either clear value for users or stimulating mathematical or statistical challenges as part of the development. It's great when I find both. Once fun pet project I worked on a couple of years ago was a library for sensor calibration and data access from microcontrollers. You can peruse it here:

  • muCSense Git repository: an Arduino library for accessing and calibrating sensors.
  • A blog describing various algorithms for sensor calibration, how to access a variety of sensors, and detailed descriptions of the design and usage of muCSense code.
  • Code from this library and blog has been incorporated in DIY Drones and MHVLib.

For the last four years I have been immersed in problems of cryptography and distributed systems, trying to understand from first principles how technology can be used to enhance our security and privacy while still allowing us to participate in the exciting new world of open databases.  The result is Zouggla.  Details coming soon.